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A Truly Thorough Clean

When the experts at Clear Skies Cleaning Company Limited clean an oven, we go from top to bottom. If your oven has an extraction fan, we’ll skilfully disassemble it to ensure a more thorough clean. Then, we’ll sanitise the filters and extractor components with industrial chemicals. We use these because they are the most effective for the job.

Tailored Hob Cleaning

Once the extraction filter is cleaned, we’ll move on to the hobs. Using specialised tools and scrapers, we’ll remove debris and food waste. For gas ovens, we’ll disassemble hob components, as well as dials, to clean and de-grease each surface. On electric ovens, we’ll use a steam cleaner to eliminate rust from oven elements. When you have a halogen hob, we’ll remove the burnt on debris from the glass and buff it to ensure it’s restored to brand-new condition.

Deep Oven Cleaning

When the hobs are fully sanitised, we’ll proceed to the oven or grill. We’ll remove all racks, doors, and shelves before covering the element to prevent tampering or disruption. Then, we’ll use our industrial cleaner to clean the inside of the oven and leave it to soak for 15-20 minutes. After this, we’ll fully clean out the oven, alongside any racks and trays. Once the oven has been returned to peak condition, we’ll wipe down each surface with a food-safe cleaner to ensure that all industrial cleaner residue is removed.

Affordable Rates

The prices for our oven cleaning services are as follows

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